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Digital Advertising


An effective PPC campaign goes beyond just clicks & conversions. Our full-funnel method applies the power of automation & audience targeting to generate leads that turn into sales.


Audit Test Measure Analyse
We carry out an elaborate analysis of past performance and gear up our PPC campaigns to reach your target audience.

We apply strategic A/B testing & landing page conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to drive consistent lead growth.

We thoroughly measure our experiments based on KPIs that best align with our goals, and continue to test until we gain statistical significance so we ensure consistent growth. We carry out another elaborate analysis, but this time to determine which campaigns, ads, and keywords generate the most leads.


Our campaigns drive the leads you want, backed by strategies that convert! 
Here’s why businesses trust Flagpole One for growth:
A Killer Combo of PPC + CRO.
Every ad and landing page is optimised to engage your target market and obtain the best results. We pull every lever we can to boost your PPC performance and we never run dry on experimental ways to improve your campaigns.
Driven by communication.
We operate as an extension of your team. You and your team are always in on the action with every campaign every minute. No more guessing about results and deliverables.
More personalised attention equals more inbound leads.
We cover all of your advertising needs: from copywriting to landing pages to design to targeting. Everything is done in-house by our passionate team of specialists. You’ll barely have to lift a finger – just kick back and watch the results roll in.
Keyword Research
Customised keyword research and targeting to minimise spend inefficiency.
We use advanced keyword research and targeting techniques such as single keyword ad groups, negative keyword additions, and n-gram analysis to refine and expand our keyword targeting and avoid unnecessary ad spend.
Integrated PPC Advertising
Effective paid advertising extends beyond Google Ads.
You don’t want to be stuck missing your target audience. With platforms like Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more, we expand our ad campaigns across multiple search and social media networks to ensure that we maximise our coverage.
Our PPC process is as transparent as it is effective.


  • Strategic Vision

We build you a PPC “master plan” based on industry research and in line with your internal objectives.

  • Data-Driven Approach

We analyse your target market’s buyer journey and audit your top competitors to determine the angle that converts leads.

  • Goal Oriented Tracking

ROI is our focal point. Every refinement to your Ads campaign is based on acquisition cost, quality, and value.

  • Granular Reporting

At-a-glance insights on your proprietary PPC dashboard mean you’re always completely in the loop about campaign performance.

  • Ongoing Refinement

We keep you agile with monthly campaign analysis and ongoing optimisation of everything from your ads to your landing pages.

  • Integrated Digital Marketing

We keep SEO in mind when creating our PPC campaigns, and work hand-in-hand to ensure complete visibility in the search engine.





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