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Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is ensuring that search engines, such as Google and Bing have all the information necessary to consider your brand an outright authority in its field. Achieving a position of authority involves technical fixes, publicising your site across the web, and increasing the amount of high quality links directed to your website. At Flagpole One, we approach SEO as the art of understanding how to interpret data, the science optimising content based on that data, and the skill of empathy/psychological grip to understand the human element of online searches.
The way in which we apply our methodology varies on a case-by-case basis and can therefore have a hugely positive impact on sales and conversions very quickly. Here’s a breakdown of our unique approach:
SEO Audit & Antidote
We start by performing a technical audit of your website. We find the fundamental technical issues and we solve them. From hundreds of potential improvements, we identify and prioritise the fixes that will bring you immediate and significant gains in traffic.
Link Detox
At this stage, we eliminate any damaging links or content from your site. Using a combination of our distinctive elimination processes and our software modules, your site will be completely cleansed of anything harmful and given a huge boost in the eyes of search engines.
Customer Insights & Content Optimisation
With the help of powerful AI softwares, we perform a full keyword strategy, mining historical data, carrying out competitor research, discovering rising trends and researching industry-specific sources to determine the biggest opportunities for growth on your site. Our softwares reveal relationships between variables at a huge scale, giving us extensive insights about your brand’s audience. Understanding their psychology and behaviour enables us to create specialised content optimised for your specific target audience and their customer journey.
Seamless User Experience
By employing relevant title tags and organising content logically, we enhance the overall user experience. Using the psychology of personas, we design the layout of your site so as to convert leads into paying customers. We make sure that your site is consistently interactive so that your prospects stay on the site. The essential aim here is to establish that accurate content is reaching your target audience at the right time.
Expert Blogging
While most agencies use the same copywriters to cover a number of topics from various industries, we pride ourselves on sourcing specialist writers from our wide network to produce fresh, current and engaging blogs. With their expertise, we can: increase the time people spend on your site; create more opportunities for internal links; target long-tail keywords; incentivise other sites to link back to yours; and gain trust from your audience by providing them with compelling and relevant information.
Monitoring & Accelerating Growth
After the immediate fixes comes a longer term plan for the maintenance and growth of your site’s rankings. We build high quality, relevant links from other sites back to yours to increase your domain authority. We then create specialised, engaging content based on your keyword strategy, which in turn attracts more visitors to your site.

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