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Conversion Rate Optimisation


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of improving webpages to convert website traffic into new leads or customers. At Flagpole One, we employ psychological principles to convert more of your non-paying visitors into paying customers. CRO involves applying sometimes minor, discrete changes or radical redesigns to your website to ameliorate web pages from a psychological perspective i.e. making visitors more inclined to respond positively and actionably to the product on offer.
The way in which we apply our methodology varies on a case-by-case basis and can therefore have a hugely positive impact on sales and conversions very quickly. We specialise in the following areas:



Reduce Cart Abandonment, Customer Checkout Journey, UX, AI Driven Personalised Retargeting, Chatbots

Landing Pages

Button Design, CTAs, Copywriting, Lead Capture, Page Speed, Mobile Optimisation


Email Newsletter Design, A/B Testing, Copywriting, Personalisation, Audience Analysis/Segmentation

Advertising Creative

Design, Copywriting, A/B Testing, Image Sentiment Analysis, Eye Tracking Analysis

Psychological Audit and Conversion Boost
We are dedicated to hitting the ground when we start working on your website and believe that you deserve to see conversion lifts very quickly! Therefore, we start off by performing a psychological audit of your site to snatch the “quick wins” i.e. small changes that can result in substantial lifts. This always reveals powerful insights and it’s a good chance for us to show you what we’re about! If needed, we split-test to convey how effectively our methodology works.

User Research and Insights
Our aim is to get further into the minds of your visitors to uncover damaging behaviour patterns. In our initial strategy, we team up with our various AI softwares for more in-depth research and analysis on your site. We collect data from your past customers, “blind” users that have never seen your site, and data from your visitors in real-time. The insights we will gain from this research will show us exactly what your customers need to see on your site in order to convert.

Psychographic Profiling Using OCEAN
Individual differences in personality can be categorised into five major traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN). Using these 5 personality traits we can predict every aspect of your customers’ behaviour and preferences.
Integrating psychographic profiling with the end to end customer experience information – from browsing history to purchase – provides us with the quantitative certainty required to understand exactly who is buying from you and how rather than the transaction-led approach that has dominated online to date.

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